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Nowadays, a product which is started to be applied all over the world is also started to be implemented in our country in record time. One of them is the Rail Cover System which is started to be implemented in our country shortly after Europe. These systems; which are now used by a large producer community in the sector, immediately replaced the conventional and inconvenient hinge systems. Especially in the decorative sense, the diversity of the usage area is the main reasons of this system.

Besides having poor quality and being useless, hinged systems are also in need of an extra space. Especially when we will think about today's conditions, we know that we lose over four or five square meters of space when we open and close the furniture in these hinged systems. On the other hand, in furniture systems made by using this rail cover, we are getting a larger space without defeating this area.

Also, the weight of the lids that ride on the hinges leads to the collapse of the hinge over time and thus the deterioration of the lid adjustments. The appearance of the furniture deteriorates and a constant skill is needed to correct it. Those who use this system have experienced many of these negativities. Again, since the hardness settings of these hinges are fixed, when the covers are opened and closed, they hurt each other and make noise. In addition, as a result of these impacts, the life span of the furniture becomes shorter and deformation is worn out.

Well, then what will we do? The most important reason is that the rail covers give space. While hinged systems can not be used in tight spaces, rail-covered systems are very comfortable to use. I can not get big furniture in my house. Because the rail-capped systems move horizontally. Four to five square meters of space devoted to thinking covers are separated, and the house is a huge innovation for those who are narrow. Again these systems are hidden from the outside because they are hidden inside the furniture. Thanks to the used wickets, it does not make noise in the crash and it extends the life of the furniture.

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